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Posts tagged ‘nervous dog’

Introduce Anxious Dog to Objects: New Video!

Introducing my anxious dog to new objects has never been easy, so I made a little video showing how I do it.

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How to Teach a Dog to Come: Make a Vocab List

Dogs, kids and the anxious thrive off predictable routine. It’s time to take advantage of this knowledge when teaching my dog to come.

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Confessions of a Neurotic Dog Mom: I’m Holding Out on the Good Treats

I learned in obedience class that you have to find your dog’s currency to help them overcome their fear. What are they willing to work for?

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When the Bell Backfires, or Bravery in House Training

June rings a bell that hangs from our front door knob when she has to go out. But what started as a way to communicate having to go potty, has become a means for her to train us.

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How to Declutter by Stopping Distorted Thinking, or the Tennis Ball Test

There was this big royal blue windbreaker with my name, high school mascot, and the year 1999 embroidered on it. So ugly. But I kept thinking of all these possibilities where it might come in handy.

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10 Things My Anxious Dog Does That I Wish Were Socially Acceptable for Me to Do

While I'm always working to help June become more secure in herself, sometimes I think she's got the right idea.

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