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Posts tagged ‘family’

Confessions of a Neurotic Dog Mom: I Miss the Heat Already

I'm not one of these weirdos who likes to sit around with no fan or AC on in the summer. I love fall.

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Diana Nyad: 5 Facts, or How a Swimming Legend Helped Me Do My Laundry

In 12 hours of knowing about Diana Nyad, I've learned a lot about life.

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Upside Down Hiss

Our cats would hardly hiss before June. But June gets the hiss.

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Dogs Meet Baby: The Calm After the Calm

Introducing dogs and infants can be dicey... or not.

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List of Things That Are Still Here, After the Basement Clean-Out

After the clutter is gone, hidden meaning emerges from the junk I aim to keep.

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Confessions of a Neurotic Dog Mom: I Can’t Stop Comparing My Dog to Your Baby

“She was awake from 8PM to 4AM,” you, my sister, say about one of your newborn twin daughters.

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