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Panic Hack: Powerful Objects Can Calm Dogs and People (Really)

This week's Panic Hack is all about harnessing the power of special objects to build confidence in dogs and people.

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Dogs Meet Baby: The Calm After the Calm

Introducing dogs and infants can be dicey... or not.

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10 Pet Loss Quotes that Don’t Suck

Pet loss quotes are tricky. A friend’s dog passed away today. He was a small, white, toothless, cranky, cute-as-hell, 13-year-old, mess. She rescued him a year ago, after he was found abused, neglected, and on his last legs.

She gave him a final year of dignity, sunbeam naps, love, and more love.

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Confessions of a Neurotic Dog Mom: I Can’t Stop Comparing My Dog to Your Baby

“She was awake from 8PM to 4AM,” you, my sister, say about one of your newborn twin daughters.

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10 Things My Anxious Dog Does That I Wish Were Socially Acceptable for Me to Do

While I'm always working to help June become more secure in herself, sometimes I think she's got the right idea.

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