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Posts tagged ‘Anti Anxiety Friday’

Anti Anxiety Friday: Aziz Ansari Makes Fun of Racist, Homophobic Jokes

There's pretty much no situation where an Aziz Ansari clip doesn't make me laugh.

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Anti-Anxiety Friday: Pushing Daisies

Remember Pushing Daisies? Lee Pace brought the dead back to life with the touch of his finger?

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Anti Anxiety Friday: Video of How Dragonfly Wings Work

Please enjoy "How Drangonfly Wings Work" from the amazing minds over at Smarter Every Day.

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Anti Anxiety Friday: Big Sur Relaxation Video

For those times when you're home and need a little help relaxing, check out this pretty Big Sur nature video.

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Anti Anxiety Friday: Simon’s Cat in “Suitcase”

The thing about Simon’s Cat is he’s animated in the old-school sense, and he’s predictably funny in that sense too.

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Anti Anxiety Friday: June Jump

It's a video of June, being cute, with the "June, Jump!" dog trick.

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