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Dog Anxiety and Managing Expectations

Dog anxiety poster pup, June Carter, ready for a day out.

Because June is a dog anxiety poster pup, she’s not the friendliest when you first meet her. She might bark at you like you’re storming the house with a small army.

She might cower. She might avert her eyes.

She is definitely not giving tail-wagging kisses right off the bat. You have to earn her kisses.

They are so worth it.

Today we visited friends. She walked into their house of her own free will (meaning I did not have to lift or tug her). She sniffed everyone for a second before lying down behind a chair. After a while she came out to sit on my lap.

She’s not winning any congeniality contests.

But my friend said, “Look! She’s not cowering in the corner shaking, like usual!”

And this is why I love my friends. They get it. They get her. And they see all the bits of progress she is making.

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