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Dear Wedding Checklist from

Wedding Checklist Barbie

According to you I have 169 to-dos.

Please excuse me for a few minutes while I go have a panic attack.

Okay, thanks.

I really appreciate how detail-oriented you are, really.

I have used you already to make some tough decisions, because as far as I can tell etiquette rules exist for helping me when I’m stuck in a bind, as in, “My wedding checklist says we still have 2 months to send our save-the-dates, and I really need to watch ‘You’ve Got Mail’ for the 100th time instead of filling in my addresses spreadsheet.”

And you have reassured me that I have a lot of the big stuff done.

But I have to be firm on a few things. I will not be hiring a personal trainer, a wedding coordinator, or visiting multiple hair salons to envision and try out different looks.

Those suggestions seem like overkill. And they aren’t in the budget anyway.

Do you have no respect for the budget?

I mean, did you do that for your wedding?

Should I? How much does a wedding coordinator cost anyway? Maybe if we camp out the night-of the wedding, we can use the money we have saved for a hotel room to spend a on wedding coordinator instead!

…Maybe the wedding coordinator will become my best friend and let us crash at her house the night-of.


That is the plan.


Image via Flickr user jamieanne

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  1. LOL I remember even planning a dog wedding how expensive everything was. You are going to be gorgeous 😉

    September 9, 2013
    • I was thinking about you when I was reading the checklist! I guess it’s called “an event” for a reason. And thank you for the vote of confidence 🙂

      September 10, 2013

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