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Introduce Anxious Dog to Objects: New Video!

Anxious dog meets new object.

Introducing my anxious dog to new objects has never been easy. June is only about 10 months old, so she’s coming up on things she has never seen before every day. Especially when I go on a little Amazon Prime shopping spree.

It just so happens that I ordered a nerdy but incredibly useful laptop stand over the weekend. It arrived today.

It came in a box, naturally. June did not bark at the box. She’s seen plenty of boxes in her day, and let me tell you, those things are fun to jump on. Sometimes you might find a cat in there. June loves cats.

But when I took it out of the box, forget it. You’d think I was unwrapping a grenade. “Mom, that thing is not authorized to be in this area. Please carry it, slowly and carefully, out of my sight.”

She even does it when I get her a new toy.

So I shot a quick little iPhone video of how I’ve been training her.

  1. I place the object down on her level, and sit behind it with a handful of treats.
  2. Usually the treats tell her something is up and she’ll take a break from barking to sit.
  3. Then I make a little trail of treats leading up to the object and say “Go Ahead!” or “Check It Out!”
  4. If she goes for the first treat, I praise her right away.
  5. I escalate the praise (meaning my voice goes up an octave or two), the closer she gets.

Result: I’m typing on the laptop stand right now and she is snoozing behind me.

PS – We just started a Facebook Page! Please come like us so we feel less weird out there in social media land.

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