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Never be Afraid to Manifest, Jimmy Fallon Does It

Jimmy Fallon

I know the word “manifest” is so overused, your brain is shutting down. But wait. Jimmy Fallon does it. And not in a fru fru West Coast way.

Here’s how I found out: NPR replayed a Fresh Air interview with Jimmy Fallon today.

For the record, Jimmy never used the word “mainfest,” but he told a long story about how he bought a reel-to-reel tape recorder at a garage sale with his mom, and used it to record Saturday Night Live monologues when he was a kid.

He loved Saturday Night Live so much that he’d memorize the monologues then play them in his room and mouth the words to himself in the mirror, as if each one were his monologue.

If that’s not manifesting I don’t know what is.

I think I first heard the term when I was too lazy to read The Secret, so I watched the DVD. It’s all about envisioning what you want. Talking about it. Creating vision boards that remind you ever so sweetly of your goals. It’s about focus.

A friend of mine, the one who lent me The Secret DVD, was up for a huge editor gig at a major magazine. She called me, knowing I loved said magazine, and asked me to cut out the name of the person listed in the position she had applied for, then write her name on a tiny piece of paper, and tape it in. I was pretty skeptical about the whole operation, but I love her, so I did it. She did it too.

She got the job.

If you’re an anxiety superstar, like me, it’s easy to doubt yourself. Or to even stop yourself from dreaming, because if you stay where it’s safe and familiar, even mentally, you’re that much less likely to panic.

Manifesting allows you to get to know your dreams and adventures, before they come.

When they do, they’ll seem like old friends. You’ll be so happy to see them, you’ll forget to worry.


Jimmy Fallon image via NBC.

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  1. Nice post. My friends and I got together couple of weeks ago and did our vision boards. I manifested everything I have in my life so far (and got more than I ever dreamed), but it was the first time I actually prepared a board. It is now up on my wall next to my dresser and I see it every day. I’ve got the names of the magazines I want to write for, pics of places I want to visit, animals I want to help, images and words about the relationship I want, the home I want to live in, and I’ve even got BOOKS. Best-selling books and the word author pasted next to them. 🙂 Seeing the board every day makes me feel as if I already have all these things and I suppose that’s the who gist of manifesting. Envisioning I already have it will make it easier to achieve it. 🙂

    I will have to tell you another time about the whole process of sitting down to prepare the vision board with a bunch of mags in front of you and the pictures that “speak” to you. It’s really something! I highly recommend it.

    August 30, 2013

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