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Wedding Fashion is Weird

Weird Wedding Dresses

I wasn’t supposed to write about wedding fashion tonight.

I wanted to sit down and complete the honor of posting my answers to the Leibster Award questions I was asked by the supa-fabulous My Life with Wieners. I am so surprised and excited by this cool ritual. I want to make it good.

Of course my brain is extra ¬†fried from work today. And I think I’m having a tiny bit of performance anxiety. So I decided to eat first. And while I was eating, I just thought I’d do a little itty bit of Pinteresting, also know as Obsessing Over Wedding Dresses and Whether Mine is the Best or Not.

But man, you look at too many of these monstrosities in the multiple-photo Pinterest way, and you start to lose your grip on reality… it’s much like browsing cat jewelry.

I love fashion. I love wedding fashion. But it really is peculiar. Let’s break down a few widely-accepted elements of wedding fashion – ones I accept too… This is a judgement-free observation area.

  • The unnatural stuffing in and flaring out of various body parts.
  • The tulle on heads.
  • The forcefields of lace.
  • The all-white.
  • The defiance of gravity.
  • The headbands that look exactly like the ones people put on baby girls when they still resemble old men, so no one will mix them up for the wrong sex, or mistakenly not notice how damn cute they are.

That’s why we’re in this I suppose. To make sure we’re noticed.

I started a new Pinterest board to document what I’m seeing: Wonderfully Weird Wedding Fashion – because well, because I applaud people’s creativity, and I just want to point out the fact that we’ve all been given VERY outlandish rules and traditions to operate within in the first place. Not everyone follows them of course, but usually some creep in.

And sometimes the traditions mesh with what the couple is really like, and they land in this fantastic alien universe of swimsuit-cape dresses.


Bathing suit-cape dress repinned via Mikel Intimates.
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  1. I avoided the tulle and headband problem when I found a fantastic hat at the first store I went to. I bought the dress to go with the hat! People were surprisingly confused by the concept of not wearing a veil, which was an added bonus. ;>

    September 4, 2013

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