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Yoga for Surfers Could be Yoga for the Anxious

Peggy Hall Lowers

“Yoga for the Anxious” might not be as marketable as Yoga for Surfers though. Instead of the sunny, fit Peggy Hall instructing the yoga, it would be Woody Allen.

Actually I’d buy that too.

Okay, I just googled “Yoga for the Anxious,” and the closest I found was Yoga for Depression and Anxiety which has a lot of 5 star Amazon reviews. Maybe I’ll order that next.

But back to Peggy Hall and Yoga for Surfers.

Why Yoga for Surfers?

I ordered the full DVD set plus lots of bonus material as a splurgey birthday gift for myself.

While surfing alone does so much to quiet my mind (when the waves stand to pummel you, you learn to pay attention to them, and nothing else, pretty quickly), I’m ready to focus on catching bigger waves. I need to get stronger physically.

I’m not one to stick to a push-up or gym regimen, but I love walking and running with June, and doing yoga, so this set seems ideal.

So far, it is. I got my package super-fast today with a bright sticker on the front that says, “Fit, Focused, Fearless.” Already I’m psyched.

Yoga for Surfers 2

Yoga for Surfer 2 DVD


Inside, I find my DVDs, an audio CD, plus two handouts and a receipt printed on regular old 8 x 10, white printer paper. Each one was probably a Word Doc.

At first I’m like, “Well, that’s kind of plain,” having expected some slickly-printed, postcard-type handouts.

I glance at the receipt.

Peggy Hall wrote a little note!

Yoga for Surfers DVD Note

Now, maybe some intern wrote that note. But then why would they even bother? Unless the intern is writing these notes without Peggy Hall’s knowledge. Seems unlikely. I bet nothing gets past her.

Peggy Hall, legendary surf fitness guru, signed my printer paper receipt!

Bonus Yoga Tips

Next is a handout telling me exactly which segments of which videos to watch, depending on what I feel like doing. This is incredibly useful.

I already went for a run with June so I’m looking for relaxing stretches.

The sheet tells me to do Yoga for Board Sports, Post-Ride Recovery. Done.

The last handout is a sheet with 10 general yoga tips from Peggy.

Number 7 stops me.

“‘Focus on experiencing the pose instead of achieving the pose.’ In other words, just notice what is going on in your mind and body. Find a place of comfort in the pose, like you could stay there forever. Let go of striving and try to relax in the pose. Let it unfold.”

Time to Stop Striving

I have been doing yoga for years and I always strive. I turn everything into striving. To be anxious is to strive constantly until you are so filled with adrenaline and cortisol and feelings of not being quite there yet that you have a panic attack and are forced to reset completely.

It’s nice that Peggy Hall just told me I don’t have to strive.

Surfing is that way too. It’s so much about letting the wave take you, about working with the wave. It’s kind of an anti-sport. An anti-anxiety sport.

So I haven’t even done one segment of one DVD yet and already I’m calmer.

I now know that Peggy Hall doesn’t mess around with fancy postcards because she is sure the content on these pieces of printer paper is valuable.

And she’s right. Next up, the the actual DVD.

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